Identity theft can occur in a lot of different places – including automobile dealerships. The truth is, states it is one of most prevalent places for ID theft to occur. It makes sense when you stop to consider the information you’re giving the dealer before a vehicle purchase.

To get behind the wheel, you hand over your driver licence. It has enough info someone can utilize to get utilities in your name. And occasionally the car dealer makes a duplicate of it – therefore you are only asking for somebody to get a fake ID with your credentials. And that can cause a lot of issues.

Following the test-drive, request the copy of your licence back or make sure they shred it in front of you.

In case you make it to the funding period, the car dealer pulls a credit report which has birth date, your SSN, bank-account numbers, and credit card numbers.

So how can you protect yourself? Only be extremely advance that you simply are worried about somebody stealing your id. Request how they are planning to save your documents at the same time as how and when would the records be disposed of by them.

“It is more about asking them what procedures they will have and do they encourage protection of your id as well as your sensitive information,” states Mark Velasquez with

Mark additionally says even companies that are great may have terrible things occur with workers even in the event all the appropriate measures have been has brought by the company. So getting a copy of your credit history every 90 days and you we absolutely should be seeing our accounts. is the best place to grab a free copy of your credit reports.

You may be thinking – Why have not I heard about this? Most of the time you never understand just how burglars get all the bits of private information they require to steal your identity.