phone-scammerDon’t do it! Should you receive a call from somebody claiming your pc has a virus and you have to go to a website and supply and supply your credit card number over the phone in order to have the virus removed.

The scam goes something like this. 

The victim receives a telephone call from a man who says they are a tech employed by Microsoft.

The tech advises the casualty their pc has sent notifications to Microsoft, alerting Microsoft that it has a virus. The person is directed by them to a site where they let them know the problem will probably be corrected.

All the victims are directed to, that is free genuine remote pc control software. When the victim complies this enables the scamster to have remote-control of the victim’s pc.

When the suspect takes charge of the computer, they pretend to be hunting for the falsely documented trojan. Before long they inform the individual they’ve corrected the issue and request credit-card info.

The following point the Ocean County Hi-tech Crime Unit has discovered, is the caller will inform the casualty the initial credit card is not going through and request a couple of more.

The suspect is, in addition, stealing documents and computer files, though this goes on. After they hang-up the telephone, the credit card information will be passed by the suspect onto purchasers who shop online and possess the merchandise shipped abroad.

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Beyond the thefts, after the cybercriminal has infiltrated your computer, the victim is made to bring their pc into a repair shop to possess the access solved, causing annoyance, unnecessary expense and loss of use of the pc.

Any queries relating to this newest scam could be reported to the prosecutor’s Hi-tech Crimes Unit, 732-929-2027.