Do you really know how much of your personal information is floating around the internet?  The scary reality is that there’s probably a lot more of it out there for the public to view than you would like.  It’s amazingly simple for people to find your address, birth date, cell phone number and even social security number if they know where to look.  Unfortunately, once this information is floating around cyberspace, it can be difficult to get back.  Until now.

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Here’s How Works

mylifecomputerInternet Scanning – Their service scans the internet daily and compiles a database of any and all information related to the details you provide about your identity.  This includes social media, job boards, and dark web locations where personal information is bought and sold.

Your Public Image -Once this information is collected, you have the ability to delete any items you don’t want exposed on the internet.  One click and done. You can essentially craft your public image however you like, by allowing some information to remain, while eliminating anything that you don’t want the world to see.  This is the absolute #1 benefit of the service.

Monitoring & Alerts – From here, your identity will be monitored 24/7 and if any new information about you is detected by, you will receive an alert.  This is especially important considering the number of data breaches that are occurring on a regular basis.  You won’t be left wondering if your credit card number or other sensitive information has gone public.

Searches – Another nice feature is their search alerting.  If someone searches for you on the internet, you will be alerted to this privacy threat.

What Information May Be Out There?

mylife-detailsJust about any piece of personal, sensitive information about you could possibly be on the internet for anyone to access.

  • Home Address
  • Email Address
  • Photos
  • Date of Birth
  • Income
  • Phone Numbers
  • Lawsuits
  • Social Security Number

MyLife Has Over 60 Million Members Worldwide

This is information you don’t want out in the open, because it’s exactly how identity theft occurs, which we’ve discussed in depth at SCF.

Your life can be negatively affected by this data.  Potential employers will often search for damaging information about potential employees. Friends, family, thieves & stalkers can use this information fraudulently and without your knowledge.

Pricing & Details is offering a FREE 7 Day trial for SCF readers.  Enter your details and see what information is out there.  It’s really easy.  All you need to get started is your full name, age, zip code & email address.

Play around with it for a few days and if you decide to subscribe, it’s only $95.40 for a 12 Month subscription to Identity Premium. For less than $8 bucks a month, you can keep tabs on how much of your life is floating around the internet, and better yet you can control it.  Keep in mind this isn’t complete credit & identity monitoring.  If you want full credit report & score monitoring, read our reviews here.

mylife buttonMyLife identity management is a great new service that can offer peace of mind at a minimal cost. Click here to visit and try it for FREE.