car dealership imageWith all of the negative publicity that car dealerships have been getting online you need to take some steps to protect yourself before and after visiting a dealership.  Although we have not heard of any reported incidents concerning any local deals directly it does happen all the time in large Metro Areas Like Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

As you are probably well aware identity theft is a huge concern especially in large towns with all of the transients and tourist passing through there on a daily basis and you should take the time to protect your Identity after visiting any car dealership, especially large volume dealers.

When you give a credit application to a sales person at a car dealership they are the first person with access to your information.  It is then passed to a sales manager and then to a finance manager.  If you do not commit to buy a car right then then your credit application is left laying on a desk in a less than secure environment.  It would be real easy for a dishonest dealership employee to misuse your personal information or someone who practices Identify Theft posing as a customer in hopes to gain a credit application with all of your personal information.

Also after you purchase a car from a dealership your “deal jacket” is then passed through many hands and may never be fully secured even after it finds its final filing cabinet.  After the sales department is finished with it will go to a title clerk, then to a funding clerk, then to the comptroller or auditor and then finally to a filing cabinet which usually everyone in the dealership has access to.

If you have recently bought a car from a dealership, we suggest that you look into the credit monitoring services of LifeLock.  What LifeLock will do for you is guarantee your good name with a Million Dollars of fraud protection if you are ever a victim of Identity Theft.  The monthly cost is minimal and if you visit LifeLock from our site they will also give you a 30 day free trial.