Credit Recovery

idtheftContact the Credit Bureaus

If you think you’re victim of identity theft you need to take action and take it quickly, so the first thing you need to do is contact the credit reporting agencies. These are the people who keep records of how you pay your bills and accounts that are open in your name so you need to contact them let them know you have become a victim of identity theft so they can put a fraud alert on your file.

Contact Your Finance Companies

The second thing you need to do is contact the financial institutions were the accounts were opened in your name or have been used including your credit card companies or bank accounts that may have been accessed illegally. Contact those institutions by phone initially, but follow up with a certified letter and be sure to keep good records of everything.

File a Police Report

The third thing you need to do is contact your local police department. You’re a victim of a crime and you need to have a record of this.  When you go to the police explain in detail what’s happened and ask for a copy of the police report. This will be essential if it comes time to prosecute whoever is responsible for the theft.

Contact the FTC

Finally the last thing you need to do is contact the Federal Trade Commission.  They have a multitude of resources for victims of identity theft; the steps that you will need to take toward recovery and how to minimize increased harm done.  They also have lots of tools for you to follow, as well as an online complaint form and toll free number for you to call.

Here is a list of  additional agencies you may need to contact depending on which type of identity theft has occurred:

1. The local office of the Postal Inspection Service if you believe that a change-of-address form has been submitted by an identity thief with the Post Office in order to have your mail redirected, or has used the mail to commit frauds involving your identity;

2. If you believe that your Social Security number has been used fraudulently, contact the Social Security Administration  (phone (800) 269-0271 to report the fraud);

3. If you suspect the unauthorized use of identification info in correlation with tax violations, get in touch with the Internal Revenue Service (phone (800) 829-0433 to report the violations).

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