Tips to Keep Your Online Passwords Safe

password iconWith the increase in online security breaches and identity theft,  password management is more important than ever. Strong passwords make sure your sensitive data is kept confidential.

Use these 7 password security tips to help ward off would be hackers and identity thieves.  You’ll be glad you did!

1.  Be sure to use a combination of numbers, letters, uppercase & lowercase as well as symbols for extra security.

2.  Avoid using short passwords.  A minimum of 6 characters is a must and more is even better

3.  Never use any part of your name in your password.  It’s the first thing thieves include when trying to break into your accounts.

4.  Don’t use a password that consists of all numbers or a repeated letter.  This is far too vulnerable.

5.  Never recycle passwords.  Use them once and when you change, don’t use them again.

6.  Avoid using birthday’s or other easily guessed number sequences.

6. Change your passwords every three months or sooner to keep the thieves guessing.

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