This is an unsettling story where Army Special Forces veterans and possibly their family members have had their identities stolen in a cyber attack on the Office of Personnel Management. Officials believe this latest hacking incident was carried out by China approximately 3 weeks ago.  These veterans have risked their lives for their country and the government is not even able to protect their most sensitive information from these types of breaches.   Some of the information taken in the data breach includes personal information about residence, date of birth, social security numbers, mental illness information, drug & alcohol use, past arrests, bankruptcies and other financial information.  We need to take better security measures to protect the information of current and past soldiers.  They’re making the ultimate sacrifice for their country.  We owe them better than this type of negligence.


Letters have been going out for at least three weeks to veterans of the elite force, letting them know that their Social Security numbers and other information provided for prior background investigations were stolen, according to a retired Special Forces master sergeant who provided with a copy of the letter on condition of anonymity.

“It’s disgusting that we risk our lives to defend this nation and that the government cannot defend our most sensitive records or our families records,” the retired senior non-commissioned officer said.  Read more at

In the letter given to, OPM stated, “If you applied for a position or submitted a background investigation form, the information in our records may include your name, Social Security number, address, date and place of birth, residency, educational and employment history, personal foreign travel history, information about immediate family as well as business and personal acquaintances and other information used to conduct and adjudicate your background.”

Because of the breach, the federal government is going to provide everyone whose data was stolen, as well as their minor children, with identify theft protection, including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and identity restoration services for three years.