About Us

SCF.org, Stop Credit Fraud, is a leading site for consumers who have been victims of credit fraud & identity fraud. We strive to provide a solid base of resources for individuals who want to learn how to protect themselves from identity related fraud as well as those who have had their credit or identity stolen. We understand how devastating it is to have your personal information taken and used to commit unauthorized activities, which is why we are constantly striving to provide the latest information and statistics to assist you in protecting yourself and your family.


SCF.org is a source of fact based information & research on identity theft and credit related fraud. We provide information, opinion and breaking news on our public website.

News outlets regularly use SCF.org as a knowledge base of quality, fact based information on trending topics including consumer advocacy, local & national policy; and related subjects.


SCF.org understands the vital need for education in the area of identity related crimes, which is why we feature a variety of information and tools visitors can use to better understand the aspects of credit fraud.  We’ve also teamed up with the organizations DLCA.org & MLLA.org to help raise awareness about the growing levels of identity related crimes in the United States & abroad.

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